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Old Comments:

2010-04-30 23:22:27
That is very interesting about how you got interested in plants. I have around 3 books about herbs and am really interested to read what plants are considered herbs. I mean, a few years back, I never knew that they thought a banana was a herb. It really is very interesting to learn about things like that. I started to love plants when I first was married. That was around 1982. My love of plants is much stronger now, but there was a time before that I couldn't be bothered with tending to plants, mainly due to my depression. It was very bad at that time. I'm ok now though with all that. I don't think I know that much about plants, but certainly enough to be able to work in nurseries. Not even the most experienced person who deals with plants knows it all. My other passion in life is/are cats. I have a very deep respect for them, both domestic and wild. Thanks, Poppy... :)
2010-04-30 23:03:06
I think I have 'inherited' my interest for and love of flowers and plants in my genes - my great grandmother was a herbal healer, then grandmother took over, and my mother in turn knew a great deal about plants and their healing properties. I have self-studied herbalism quite a lot, and have stacks of books on on the subject. - I can see from all your comments that you love plants and flowers, and since you've worked in nurseries, you're much more informed about garden plants and flowers than I am. I tend to concentrate on wild plants...
2010-04-30 22:34:54
Thanks for all of that, Poppy. That is a good lot of very useful information that I found very interesting. I didn't know much of that before. It's really great to learn new things about plants. I knew about the 'speedwell' part, but not about the 'eye' part (I can see where that comes from looking at this particular photo, It looks like an eye in the middle of the flower) and the 'Ehrenpreis' meaning either. Thanks for that info again. I always love seeing this flower too, even the weeds of this plant. My goodness, 8 hours working on the computer ! I bet you'd be feeling tired as well as sore.... :(
2010-04-30 22:26:53
Hi Mary, lovely picture and one of my favourite flowers in summer... The "Ehrenpreis" in your caption is German for Speedwell, and the plant's English name is Germander Speedwell. It it also called Bird's Eye, or Bird's-eye Speedwell, and has several other names where the word 'eye' appears - I have always known it as Bird's Eye. The Latin name therefore is just Veronica chamaedrys. The reason the flower name often has 'eye' in it is because a lotion made of the plant was said to be good for strained or tired eyes... Could use some of it now as I have been working on the computer for 8 hrs already. ;-)