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Old Comments:

2011-04-10 12:13:00
Apologies for the long space in my comment....
2011-04-10 12:11:42
Many thanks for the explanation and feedback to my questions, Corpsman. I appreciate it very much. I did see some posts from Explode, but when I did, I went off Pixdaus for the night. Alas, it's not anything to do with the new platform. Oh well, we live in hope. Thanks again, Corpsman...
2011-04-10 11:58:34
There was a serious and prolonged troll attack this morning by Explode that involved a good bit of rancor and deleting. The missing pics vanished soon after that, possibly part of the troll attack or as a result of some other form of vindictive behaviour. Too bad, because there was an interesting discussion going on under one of them about what the term "nature photography" actually means.
2011-04-10 11:36:19
Just to add further to my previous comment, the first page only has 4 (at this time) posts with comments, the 2nd page has only one photo and comments, then the page after, I think has 10 posts. I'm just wondering what's happening here. Thanks everyone....
2011-04-10 11:28:56
Is it just my computer playing up, or is there only 3 photos with comments under them in the comments section ? Where have the other posts and comments gone to ? Could this be the preparing (FINALLY) of the new platform ? What's going on ? Does anyone know ?
2011-04-09 22:46:20
Looks more like one of the Bee Gees....
2011-04-09 18:15:15
I love it, fantastic!!
2008-02-15 04:37:48
2008-01-09 01:46:30
Boris Becker????????