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Posted By:strillino

Old Comments:

2009-03-27 06:43:33
It has nothing to do with point of view. This is a washed-out, fuzzy, crappy-ass photograph of a cheap print..The Potato Eaters is a famous painting by one of the world's most famous artists..there are a bazillion reproductions of it on the web..find a few of 'em and compare 'em to this pathetic piece of puppy poop.
2009-03-27 03:50:57
Perhaps because itís a TERRIBLE picture ? PS: in the meantime Iíll give some plus marks, because it opens some conversations.
2009-03-27 03:45:32
Allright, it may be a TERRIBLE reproduction of it (a scan out of a book), but it was also a TERRIBLE time.
2009-03-27 03:39:17
I can't save pixdaus' pictures into my desktop. Any idea why if I do it the files seamto be corrupted. Anyone knows about this bug?
2009-03-27 03:35:51
It's depend on the point of view:)
2009-03-26 20:36:58
'The Potato Eaters' ...done in 1885, one of van Gogh's earliest paintings...this is a TERRIBLE reproduction of it..