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Posted By:pirizoe

Old Comments:

2011-06-03 00:31:33
Single.. May I repost it? :)
2011-02-05 13:55:38
Beautiful picture of Gods handiwork.
2011-02-05 09:23:59
High resolution is needed
2010-08-18 18:11:42
Nice! Utah seems definitely a place to visit
2010-08-08 00:49:05
It's the Waves in winter in the Paria Wilderness 1 hour by car+2hours hiking distance from the Antelope Canyon.
2010-02-06 20:56:20
I meant for finding out where this place is, not for making the mistake... :)
2010-02-06 20:54:44
Well done, fuzzy blue one... :)
2010-02-06 15:38:12
oops -wilderness
2010-02-06 14:13:19
I found it - The Wave, Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderne
2010-02-06 12:54:53
This looks like something near Antelope Canyon
2010-02-06 08:31:34
Who says God is not into abstract art? This is amazing and beautiful. But where is it in Utah?
2009-07-01 03:35:48
answer depends on which hemisphere the picture was taken
2009-05-09 12:07:14
Is north to the left or right? Any guess's
2009-02-21 16:07:53
The solution?