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Old Comments:

2009-09-10 09:06:31
Yeah..he died in 1896...I was just making fun of the people who post comments demanding their photos be the way, how's your eye ?
2009-09-10 08:58:47
Now there's a voice out of a grave.
2009-09-10 04:46:31
This is not your is MINE and I demand that you REMOVE it immediately !
2009-08-25 01:32:15
Now what? The putito started to post pics? Well I never! (actually I don't know what that phrase means, but maybe putito will enlight me) Big deal indeed! Now will see how many S kissers follow her, as they do with poopy and the other fellas. Will you be as good selecting pics as you are typing funny things, putito, or will you be filling cyberspace with silly stuff, the especiality of poopy? In the meantime, go do something graphic.
2009-08-24 03:15:49
Correct..while being towed.....but they weren't really designed for the open sea, but for more protected waters like bays and much as any other single factor in the defeat of the Confederacy was its inability to match Yankee sea power and its inability to keep the Federal navy from penetrating its rivers...thus the loss of the advantage of interior lines....good to see you back, Old Timer....was afraid the Injuns had snuck up on ya'....
2009-08-24 01:54:40
Look at the low freeboard on these craft. It's easy to see that the "monitors" were an expedient, at best. Of course, the ship that gave the class its name swamped in a storm at sea.
2009-08-19 22:52:11
I'm afraid it's too late, Skip...I've already been infected ...
2009-08-19 10:53:54
patito, I'm glad you started posting! you've already brought some great new pics like this one, ... but just don't get as weird as the rest of us!! :)