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Old Comments:

2010-01-28 00:49:18
I don't have any. Do you want to send me some?
2010-01-28 00:48:31
....just be glad we don't have to depend on guys like Opponent to protect us ...he'd start crying for his momma at the first crack of a rifle...
2010-01-28 00:48:16
For sure, sailing in her must have been exciting... I am not a very good sailor on top of the waves, therefore I thought it'd be easier underneath them.
2010-01-28 00:44:22
Go and keep playing with your Barbie dolls, poppy.
2010-01-28 00:34:51
...and when the invaders arrive at your door, you'll just say: Welcome! Is that it?
2010-01-28 00:32:57
These ships were build to kill human beings. Damn warloving idiots!
2010-01-28 00:31:59
...I understand..but warships have, and often still do, represent the leading edge of technology..certainly so before the age of flight...the first use of wireless radio, the first steam turbine engines, the first use of air-conditioning ...etc....I'm especilly fond of this old girl because I spent two and a half years of my young life aboard her...she was the last ship of any modern navy to have a wooden maindeck..
2010-01-28 00:28:41
Amazing how quickly the phantom downvoter appears and votes our comments down. What a wonderful life he has.
2010-01-28 00:26:52
I cannot get too enthused about warships, but it has been a secret (not any more!) dream of mine to hitch a ride on a nuclear submarine, and dive, dive, dive...
2010-01-28 00:24:05
Now these were real beauties..the old Des Moines class heavy cruisers..the carried the fastest firing major caliber guns in the world..