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Posted By:patito

Old Comments:

2010-01-28 11:36:12
Patito I think I would like you. I agree with your comment. I could not have written it any better.d683
2010-01-28 00:44:23
..these ships were built to protect the right of human beings to live in freedom.....if you live in a free country, you owe a debt to the men and women who have gone down to the sea in ships to secure that freedom.....and saying you're against war is like saying you're against disease, hurricanes or earthquakes...everyone is against war...but war has been a constant of human civilization for as long as we've been human, so it pays to be ready for it and be ready to win it......
2010-01-28 00:36:51
These ships were build to kill human beings. Damn warloving idiots!
2010-01-27 23:59:37
It's a fairly radical design..and from this perspective it does kinda resemeble Darth Vader's helmet, doesn't it ? But underway it's a real beauty....very fast, very quiet, very sleek, and almost no bow's also virtually invisible to radar...
2010-01-27 22:34:21
This is really weird-looking, and menacing. If they painted it black, it would look even more menacing...
2010-01-23 08:23:37
Super-Size this image for full effect.. click 'see full-size image'..then. click on the image that comes up for super-size...