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Old Comments:

2010-04-06 17:23:37
Ah yes, the upvoting above looks very jacksparro
2010-04-06 10:26:46
Ah yes, the activity above looks very Anti-Cheating Coalitio
2010-04-06 09:19:35
And you are Crazy and Patito.
2010-04-06 09:07:32
Passenger is Logan-King Louie.
2010-04-06 08:29:31
lol..Actually, they are manipulating you. while you are focused the votes.
2010-04-06 06:45:19
Now all the big-mouthed idiots don't answer!!! DOROTHEA, RUSTY HOOK (=Patito), etc.: WHERE ARE YOU NOW??? The rise of votes is the work of the biggest fraud at Pixdaus: Patito! He is upvoting his own pictures in the same way. Always with 20 votes. Patito is the greatest and only manipulator of the voting system!
2010-04-05 19:47:55
2010-04-05 19:24:25
dorothea, Im no EXPLODE! I wonderz why thiz pix have so much +votez so quickly! Can you explain? THX!
2010-04-05 19:23:40
Im no EXPLODE! I wonderz why thiz pix have so much +votez so quickly! Can you explain? THX!
2010-04-05 11:48:24
Very true, Jack Sparrow. We have our flocks to tend, our cows to milk, our eggs to gather, and our fences to mend. We must toil in our vinyards, weed our gardens, and mow our meadows. BTW: did your stores of rum see you through the winter ?
2010-04-05 07:01:20
It's very time consuming to scroll to the bottom of one of those 20 x 24000 white strip jpg's. Most likely you will scroll past the bottom of it and miss the vote button. By using the Find function as illustrated you will be taken straight to the vote button for each upload of the white strip jpg. Of course moderators can't be here all the time. They have other responsibilities in life to tend to. In there absence this is the most effective method for dealing with this annoyance. Thank you all for time and patience. I hope this info has been of help to some.
2010-04-05 06:45:12
I don't know who is "Sugar". But the words he used are not sweet sugar would be ...
2010-04-05 06:30:26
Libellule, the Sugar person is the troll Explode, who post so many times the ugly photos and the white page over and over. Do not be fooled, it is the same sick sick sick person, who wish us not to know what the Jack Sparrow say, how to downvote the Explode troll pages.
2010-04-05 06:07:54
GMT : 23:02 + 5
2010-04-05 05:28:56
"Sugar" ? Is it your name ?
2010-04-05 04:40:38
"sugar" is Explode. Only he would wish to down-vote Jack Sparrow's information about how to down-vote Explode's uploads.
2010-04-05 04:33:00
but GMT: 21:03 -12 and GMT: 21:07 +15!!!!!!!!! how does it worx?
2010-04-05 04:27:44
GMT : 21:22 + 9
2010-04-05 04:18:09
huh? no one around? who could explain thiz to me? just -12 now +15???? hello???
2010-04-05 04:06:22
WHAT? -12 a sec ago, now +11??? whaz that for a cheatin shiiiiiiiiiiit????
2010-04-05 04:03:42
if it dizappears no one is interested! stop uploading shiiiiit!
2010-04-05 03:51:54
Jack, If it disappeared, please repost : I have no time now to understand. And many users are in holidays ...