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Old Comments:

2009-01-08 02:41:56
I saw a comment from a patito that said the markings on the boat was American. Maybe, I'm drinking too much ginger ale.
2009-01-07 20:33:48
No ma'm..don't think I made a comment on this one...nice lookin' boat, though...back when I was a kid I tried to join the Coast Guard ...wasn't tall enough so I went into the those days one had to be at least six feet tall to be a Coastie...maybe so even yet...that's so if their boat goes down they can wade back in..heh heh...that's an old bluewater Navy joke...
2009-01-07 16:28:29
patito, What happened to your comment? It disappeared.
2009-01-07 12:38:18
It's actually a CIA undercover boat on reconnaissance. They are at this very moment planning to invade Canada.