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Old Comments:

2009-05-12 06:34:04
I vacationed in Portugal in 08'. We toured the whole country by auto. It was amazing! I will never forget this view of Rio Duro, it is ingrained in my mind forever.
2009-03-09 02:40:44
Aahhh artur.rosa Portugal is a beautiful country with beautiful people!! I went there in the 1980s for one month. I spent time exploring the ancient city of Lisboa and the Lisbon Coast. Then two weeks in the Algarve. It was mostly undeveloped and unspoiled at the time, with just a few British, German and Scandinavian tourists. I must go back again.
2009-03-08 18:47:48
You're absolutely correct, artur.rosa, my last sentence was uncalled for and I apologize.
2009-03-08 17:58:56
Poppy, you're right, I apologize, I shouldn't have written "never", it's incorrect, I should have written "most of the times". In this particular case I still say it is a lack of respect because I'm certain this particular poster knows this place. Judging from his name, he's portuguese, like myself, and all portuguese people know this place. So, he knew but opted to not write it. As to your last sentence, I'll pretend I didn't read as I believe it's unproportionally harsh given the nature of my comment.
2009-03-08 16:14:13
First of all, the word NEVER is not fitting since many posters do give the info. Second, it has nothing to do with respect or lack of it since such info is not always available at source, so how could it be given? If you don't like it here, stay away.
2009-03-08 11:57:16
2009-03-08 09:38:34
This is the city of Porto, seen from the river Douro, in Portugal. Why do the image posters never share this kind of information with the viewers?! I think it's a lack of respect.