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2010-08-23 07:32:17
Shirley Plantation is an estate located on the north bank of the James River in Charles City County, Virginia. Shirley Plantation is the oldest active plantation in Virginia and is one of the oldest family-owned businesses in North America, dating back to 1614 with operations starting in 1638. Construction of the present mansion and outbuildings in began c. 1723. The mansion, called the "Great House" was completed in 1738 and was located close to the original house built by the Hills. The house has been occupied by the Hill Carter family since 1738 and has housed 8 generations.[4] It was at Shirley that Ann Hill Carter was born, and on June 18, 1793 married Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee in the mansion's parlor. The couple would later become parents to the famous CONFEDERATE GENERAL ROBERT E. LEE The house is largely in its original state and is owned, operated, and lived in by direct descendants of Edward Hill I. The house was placed on the National Register in 1969 and as a National Historic Landmark in 1970. The upper floors are occupied by members of the eleventh generation of the Hill Carter family, while the bottom floor is open for touring. Source: Wikipedia