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Old Comments:

2010-07-14 02:54:16
2010-07-14 02:39:08
One underwater coming... :)
2010-07-14 02:38:05
Hmm Hmmm underwater :D
2010-07-14 02:34:49
And yes, still have one picture left to post ( I post 10 pictures per day- unwritten rule of pixdaus ) and I post 9 till now. Juju I just don't know what to post. Do you have any wishes? Macro, underwater, nature, landscape, portrait, b/w, funny stuff, maybe some decent nude art, or something else?
2010-07-14 02:29:49
Yeah, look's like to me that he/she can't decide to be glad of mad about shower! :) @ juju :P
2010-07-14 02:10:13
Lol, I don´t know if it has got that face cause it´s not ejoying the bath too much or simply cause almost all owls have got that face :P