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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-11-25 05:26:30
You want to be as pretty as that fat girl?, stop uploading food into your fat fuckin mouth.
2008-11-25 05:23:35
Your probably a fat chick.
2008-11-25 05:04:50
wow ! :4:
2008-11-25 03:59:47
Very Nice! The green field and the dirt road sort of "Frames" the beautiful woman. Extreemly tasteful!
2008-11-25 03:47:08
The only reason why this pic is on the top of "Most popular today" is because there is a sexy woman on it... That's so cheap and sad! They all vote for the woman and not for the pic! You want a lot of votes? Upload a pic like that!
2008-11-25 02:15:28
lovely pic. wonderful pose. very charming. thanks jchip
2008-11-25 00:41:10
Indeed, pathetic!
2008-11-24 23:18:00
A serious case of pigeon toes?
2008-11-24 22:16:11
I just fell off my seat.
2008-11-24 21:48:57