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Posted By:rem

Old Comments:

2008-11-27 17:32:18
patito, i put that link up cuz i think you honestly do love bears as much as me, so if you do, it will make you sad but at least you'll know about it, and if you're just being sarcastic then whatever.
2008-11-27 17:27:59
not sure if patito is being sarcastic, but i think them the most beautiful, scary, awesome creatures--a bear is something you cannot survive from. if a bear is gonna do it, it's done. yet they exist peacefully and all they want is some damn fish and some berries. the polars--i can never see enough pictures of the polars especially. and look at that little guy in the arms of his mom--come on people, you gotta be kidding!
2008-11-26 10:41:33
Sounds unbearable.
2008-11-25 21:29:00
Okay..I admit it...I suffer from Bi-Polar disorder...and Tri-Polar too...and it's not just white bears..I'm hooked on brown bears, black bears, and of course the ultimate, the supreme ecstasy, the double-barreled thrill of them all, Grizz...(swoon)..I can bearly get through a day without fantasizing about them...sometimes the strain on my nervous system is almost unbearable..I just hope all my friends will bear with me through all this, now that I've laid bear my soul...
2008-11-25 15:51:08
hmm... who has a thing about polar bears, i wonder...
2008-11-24 22:04:44
Flagged as inappropriate by some stupid idiot whose IQ is the same as his hat size !