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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-11-22 07:42:41
duh duh I dont get it? duh Im Evan but duh I'm also Larry who duh fuk am I? oh I know I'm Evan but I screwed up and answered as Larry what a dumbass
2008-11-22 07:38:58
2008-11-22 07:37:22
2008-11-22 07:35:28
2008-11-22 07:18:09
I've got an amazing name. If I were to pick an alter ego to fuck with you, it will have an equally amazing name as well. Even, we should hang out. You can come over next time I brutally choke patito's mom with my cock. While I'm doing that you can pump her shit filled asshole. Don't worry about her screaming loud, I'm usually slapping her in the face and spitting on her so she keeps quiet. That is until I cover her face in hot load. Plus, she's usually to tired to yell cause I choke her so bad with my cock that she's pukeing up flem from being gagged.
2008-11-22 07:11:19
Hahahaha. Your all so pathetic to argue with me. If you can't tell by now, I'm laughing my ass of at all of you. This is fun, your all so oppionated behind the safty of your computers so say what you like. If only you all had balls enough to speak your minds in the real world, insted you act so arrogant online cause your identity is hidden. So pathetic, I bet you all fell for the bullshit and voted obama. Keep em coming mindless pussy sheep.
2008-11-22 06:31:07
2008-11-22 06:12:54
I minused my own comments as amazing Larry because I dont want you to know that Evan and larry are one person was that smart of me duh?
2008-11-22 05:28:29
2008-11-22 05:08:45
I'm awesome!
2008-11-22 04:52:01
2008-11-22 04:09:57
You have to wonder what their parenmts are God, can you imagine finding out that one of these sick little creatures was your child?
2008-11-22 04:04:47
Amazing indeed...yet another adolescent obsessed with anal-erotic and violent sexual images.. we seem to be raising a generation of sick,twisted little they learn this from watching TV ? Aren't there any normal kids out there anymore?
2008-11-22 03:56:01
Well, truth be told, the reason I earned the name "Amazing Larry" is because it was amazing that I had enough time to type this in between basing your grandmothers skull in with a hammer and fucking your mother in her shit filled asshole. So yes, yes I am amazing. And I will go back to bed...with your mom. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, dickhole ass motherfucker.
2008-11-22 02:42:24
What's so amazing about you Larry? You spew off the usual hateful adolescent comment, and then you call yourself amazing ? sure larry.
2008-11-22 01:29:06
Thank you, Greg! As compliments and kind words are somewhat rare on Pixdaus, it always comes as a surprise when it DOES happen. You made my day.
2008-11-22 01:16:04
Patito, FWIW - I totally agree with your first comment. There is plenty of cheesecake and PR0N on "the internets". If that is what someone is looking for, there is no dearth of places to find it. I enjoy Pixdaus because there is (generally) a good mix of landscapes, nature pics, some funny photos, and even some nice portraits of women (that is, not just exploiting/focusing on certain anatomical features). Although there is such a thing as tasteful nudity, it is often the cheap way of grabbing (largely male) attention. It takes a bit more talent to represent women as not only incredibly beautiful, but intelligent, and (most of all) persons of interest instead of mere objects of desire. I can't boast Patito's "record" of three marriages (been married to the same wonderful, patient lady for 26 years), I am happily and thoroughly hetero. Since I'm on my soapbox - cheers to our lady Poppy for having to wade through all this crap. There are a few of us gents who appreciate your fine mind and taste! In closing - those of you who are juvenile in mindset (regardless of age) and just want to show it - I'll just ignore you and keep reading the intelligent and valuable comments of people like Patito and Poppy!
2008-11-22 00:05:44
Thanks, Ms P..actually, I'm chuckling to myself even now at these clowns' attempts to express themselves ...they can't write grammatically coherent English, can't spell, and apprently have zero sense of humour...and isn't it interesting that they seem to be so obsessed with homosexual imagery ? Wonder why ?
2008-11-21 23:59:06
You could not 'therapy' your way out of a paper bag. You could do with some English lessons, though.
2008-11-21 23:56:36
fuck you and your oppions paTITo!! I know where you shit!
2008-11-21 23:55:25
Hey, you dirtbags (Scuba Steve and The clock is slow)on this page: Patito has more brains, character, manners, grace, knowledge and GREAT humour than the two of you put together, any day. Listen, and learn, instead of showing us all how stupid and uneducated you really are...With The clock is slow, there's more that is slow with him than his clock.
2008-11-21 23:55:04
Sounds to me like you have commitment and intimacy issues patito. This in combination with your homosexual experiance in the navy has left you in a state of self cofusion. You should be questioning if the shambles of your life were all just built on a lie. This shows in the manner of and inferiority complex to which you've demonstrated here by attackin this young mans grammer, as well as his inability to "grow up" because in many ways, you are still the confused young GAY man in the getting sodomized in the ships engine room, so no one can hear your cries.
2008-11-21 23:52:56
This is a very nice photo of a lovely lady. I also like the "other" photos that show more of the ladies.
2008-11-21 23:36:58
Actually, Steve ol' Buddy, I'm straight as a board, have had three wives, and more girlfriends than you'll probabaly ever, however, are a pathetic little punk who can't take a joke. And you also don't know the differnce between "your" and "you're." Grow up, sonny boy !
2008-11-21 23:32:02
Come on and try it you gay bastard. I hope to shit in your face, you fuck. Gay navy shit dick. I heard a navy saying once, iy went something like "Ah, go stick your cock in another seamans asshole repeatedly until you fill it with your hot load". It ment something like, your gay.
2008-11-21 23:29:08
Actually I'm more like 67, bald, and usually wear old blue jeans. And I may be a pompous, arrogant asshole, but I know the difference between "your" and "you're," which you apparently do not. And who the fuck are you to tell me to stop preaching, sonny boy ? I bet you haven't had any pussy since pussy had you !
2008-11-21 23:22:51
Actually, that expression brings back fond the navy, the phrase "I hope to shit in your hat" meant something kinda like "I hope that it is true." Haven't heard it in a while..anyway, how 'bout I shit in YOUR hat, Steve ol' Buddy ?
2008-11-21 23:21:30
Yeah really, it's a nice picture but stop the fucking preaching. You sound like a pompous, arrogant asshole. Your probably like 47 with a stupid pony tail and goatee wearing a cordoury jacket.
2008-11-21 23:19:32
Oh patito! Allow me to thank you on behalf of all the hot, fully-clothed pizdaus-browsing chicks! You're not like those other guys! You want to know the real me! Swoon!
2008-11-21 23:07:46
Ah, go shit in your hat!
2008-11-21 22:52:54
This woman is about ten times more interesting and appealing than the vast majority of semi-naked bimbos typically posted here...with all or most of their clothes off, there's no mystery or challenge, this lady looks like she might be someone you could actually have conversation with, which is ultimately at least as important as a nice body. A great body with a shallow mind will become boring pretty me on that, young guys.