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Posted By:Luckyred

Old Comments:

2009-02-20 13:11:26
There is no context to this picture - so you have no idea what is going on here - I can see why people jump to the conclusion that the cops are bullying him. But if you look at their arms - they are not raised, they are not threatening - yes they are encircling him, but if you look in the background there appears to be MANY other people around them, JUST MAYBE - they are protecting him, not threatening him. 10 witnesses to 1 event will have 10 different stories of what happened - it's all in how we perceive things.
2008-11-16 08:09:09
like a punch in my stomach. we live in such a fucked up world :( makes me so angry and so sad in the same time.
2008-11-15 02:32:38
The guy looks dangerous! Lets have three cops menace him.
2008-11-15 01:03:31
What's with the question mark on the butt of the handgun?