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Old Comments:

2008-11-12 14:06:12
Or you can get a City Pass and jump queues all over Manhattan (I enjoyed THAT experience a lot).
2008-11-12 10:32:53
Thanks seeen! I loved view of her in the movie Titanic, that was great. Every now and then I get a silly idea, this was one of those.
2008-11-11 23:18:16
That would not work if it was effortless to come and vist her: queueing in Battery Park is part of the experience. Nice job, as always, though
2008-11-11 21:42:21
2008-11-11 21:41:07
Thanks poppy! Kinda feelin in a silly mood today ;-)
2008-11-11 21:23:14
Yeah, but ol' Freddy ( Frederick Law ) Olmstead would turn over in his grave. Plus, it would soon be tagged and covered up with graffiti..better leave it where it is.
2008-11-11 21:09:52
Actually, the Lady looks very much at home in Central Park. ;-)