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Posted By:rem

Old Comments:

2009-02-03 08:14:01
cool shot.
2008-11-12 08:56:36
Perhaps the boat was left there by the Flood. Certainly looks old enough ...
2008-11-12 07:33:50
Well, I think the Cap'n may be on to something here. Whether that boat is a 'sentimental antique' or not, I can just about guarantee you that most people who actually fish for a living, and who tend to be pretty un-sentimental about old boats, would consider that thing nothing more than a piece of worn out junk. Most likely some art director had some grunts haul the thing from the beach up to that roof top in order to make the scene he was about to shoot for Conde-Nast or some tourist bureau more "picturesque." As if the Greek islands aren't picturesque enough already. Never mind that the boat is utterly out of any kind of natural or authentic context and just looks silly sittin' up there. These attempts to make places and things look somehow more old and quaint than they realy are and therefore more appealing to tourists happens all over the place. You can see it in hotels and restaurants where a brand new place is artificially antiquated or rusticated in order to lure customers with a patina of false authenticity. And it's not a new thing. I've been reading a biography of Renoir by his son, Jean, and the old man was scathing in his denunciation of the trend toward phony quaintness that was even then effecting the genuine authenticity of French country inns, with "hollow beams made of thin boards" and "imitation cracks" in the walls showing "imitation bricks." That business with the white paint is another example. Does anyone really think those little towns are whitewashed from top to bottom and stem to stern for any reason other than to make them more appealing to tourists? I can tell you for certain that little Greek towns off the tourist loop sure as hell don't look like that. I don't think Cap'n C is a fool.I think he has a discerning eye that sees right through what he rightly calls "phony baloney tourist bullshit." The fools are the people who fall for this stuff and think it's the real McCoy.
2008-11-12 00:48:20
Well said.
2008-11-11 23:13:29
It's Greece and the boat is a sentimental antique. White reflects the sun because the light bounces off the sea. Just because you are a fool does not mean it is a reason to be rude.
2008-11-11 10:09:51
Phony Baloney tourist bullshit..why would an old broke-down boat like this be 300 feet above the water, except as a tourist lure???..does the government subsidize the purchase of white paint on these little islands?