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Posted By:Viktor

Old Comments:

2008-11-10 08:34:14
that's an awfully bold statement to make, sonny750, considering that you are responding to a woman who has chosen to use the nickname 'pandora.'
2008-11-10 06:35:44
You know as much about women as the man in the moon - namely nothing!
2008-11-08 12:03:51
Her waist is as big as her shoulder
2008-11-08 06:09:14
OMG! there is one thats too skinny? If she had one ounce of meat on her you guy would call her a fat slutty pig. -Women just can't win.
2008-11-08 03:39:52
Too skinny also...
2008-11-08 03:11:32
she's not a member, she's the Chairwoman
2008-11-08 02:56:07
She's a member of the itty bitty titty committee.