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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-11-07 09:15:54
By the way I didn't minus your comment when I was through writing I saw it had been minused.
2008-11-07 09:14:45
My point was that I dress to look good for myself , what I like, and not for other women. I agree that wearing a little more and leaving somthing to the imagination is more sexy anyway. I never wear mini skirts but I wear short shorts sometimes because I like my legs so why not show them, that dosen't make me a slut, and if girls growing up see people like britney spears or others plastered all over the place as the ideal woman, it's only natural they would dress that way.
2008-11-06 23:44:03
2008-11-06 23:42:05
I don't dress to impress other women, I just like to look my best, but I truly believe that women our brainwashed by the media and other people from birth, that it's all about your looks. If you guys had airbrushed hot looking men here on pixdaus each day you might get a feel for it : )
2008-11-06 23:33:41
Living in a cold climate, I dress to keep warm. ;-)
2008-11-06 23:30:02
I catch my wife doing this all the time. Though weird, it is still hot as hell.
2008-11-06 22:47:48
you're absolutely right jimee. how many (straight) men really give a shit how their women look, really? as long as they look hot, men don't care really. women dress for other women. it's a vicious competition out there!
2008-11-06 22:44:00
I am thoroughly convinced that women check out women more than men check out women. I believe that women dress to impress other females rather than impressing males. I am not sure when this came about or why.
2008-11-06 22:27:07
Women can be downright nasty and horrible to each other. Particularly about appearances. What is it in our evolutionary past that brought this jealous, spiteful response out?