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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-11-25 08:22:33
Yes, Henry VIII was I, Poppy. I retired him a couple of days ago. Why did I start posting as someone else? When I came back from my US trip, the downvoting on my pictures escalated to such an extent that I was beginning to doubt the quality of my pictures! So I began to post under Henry VIII. A man's name, so perhaps would be more 'acceptable' to male viewers and especially posters. But the pictures were Poppy pictures (and yes, I like sailboats and cars!). Henry even won the day twice, and each time with a really typical 'poppy' picture. (As Poppy, I have not reached the top for months because of the downvoting.) // I have now proved to myself that there's nothing wrong with my pictures, but there's plenty wrong with the attitudes of some people because they vote poppy's pictures down but not Henry's. It is clear now that I am a target. // Even Henry's wives were popular! ;-) Anyway, so much for this experiment. I shall continue to post as Poppy, no matter what the envious types throw at me. My parents did not raise chicken-livered children. ;-)
2008-11-25 08:02:35
This is one of a set of six pictures of jchip8, all six are in the banned section. I had not seen them before as they were posted while I was away for two weeks. All six are excellent in every way, and epitomize Pixdaus at its best. That pictures such as these should be flagged in an effort to get them out of the way of some ambitious poster who is afraid of a fair 'competition' is beyond me. In my search in the banned section I have come across many excellent sets by the top posters.