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Posted By:padmini

Old Comments:

2008-09-24 03:20:18
"SNOB n. a person who cultivates or behaves obsequiously towards those of higher social position, or regards the claims of wealth and position with an exaggerated and contemptible respect; a person who condescends to, patronizes, or avoids those felt to be of lower standing." --- Since being a snob always involves knowledge of the other person's social position and/or his/her wealth, how do you arrive at the word SNOB to describe me when I congratulate Padmini on the beautiful picture, not knowing a thing about Padmini’s background, social standing, or financial worth? Criticise the pictures I post, if you like, but leave personal insults out of here, Pelon.
2008-09-24 02:57:46
poppy, you are sooooo snob.
2008-09-23 14:32:46
Thank you,Poppy
2008-09-20 04:03:44
I can almost smell the perfume... Beautiful picture, Padmini!