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Posted By:EmilyDawn2

Old Comments:

2008-09-20 03:53:13
Emily, I won't be happy if you are leaving. You have posted some really wonderful pictures! You just need to grow a thicker skin if you want to survive here, that's all.
2008-09-20 02:15:23
EmilyDawn, that's why I included the apology incase I was wrong about you doing that. but I wanted to make that comment anyway for the people who are doing that. I'm sorry if you feel like leaving because you have put up good pictures. people are always gonna comment on what you do here.even poppy has gotten lots of comments by people. I told her one time to think of that's allright now, I learned my lesson can't please everyone so you got to please yourself.
2008-09-20 00:52:23
yeah i know hip hip hooray, iam going. so you will be happy. at least I have a life off this.
2008-09-20 00:47:23
yeah i know like a troll you will have a come back answer. I really dont give a poo. What you say any more iam sick off this site. so you will be glad.
2008-09-20 00:46:10
poppy why do you always stick your nose into other folks conversations. folk like you piss me off.
2008-09-20 00:26:31
You also have to put effort into looking through other posters' pictures every day.
2008-09-19 20:22:17
actually I do put effort into find my photos i put up by myself, sorry You thought I just followed you I didnt.
2008-09-19 06:54:39
a few days ago I posted a picture of the canadian railway passing through new york it was on the top page. then you reposted it the next day. all the railroad pictures I have posted include that site address on the photo If you got this some other way I'm sorry. But to those people who just get pictures from someone else on here yes it bothers me because I put some effort into finding good pictures.
2008-09-19 06:38:34
go to link above and get all info, hope this helps.