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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2008-12-09 22:46:15
I call them Envy Votes and they are probably done by fellow posters who flag some good pictures just out of spite and envy. Of course, some posters of porn and smut might want to flag the 'normal' pictures in retaliation of their pictures being sent to oblivion...
2008-12-09 10:48:12
Well, I knew this pic would end up in the banned section, sooner or later, Purple is the color for passion you know!! : )
2008-12-09 07:55:42
The reason you are not seeing this picture of Skip's among the fresh pictures on the main frame is because this is not a fresh picture. I am certain it is in its proper place in all public sections. About 20,000 pictures have been posted on Pixdaus since Skip posted this picture. // My picture of the Mongolian mother with her two children (posted about 22 hrs ago) is in the banned section, but it still is in its proper place in ALL the public sections: here in the comment section, then in newly posted, recent popular, and most popular today. Of course, it is also in my Pixdaus file. // In order for a picture to be banned from ALL public sections, it needs to get -9 votes, OR be flagged inappropriate a number of times by different people (I don't know the exact number), OR it can be instantly removed by moderators. // During the Troll War, disgusting porn and other vile pictures were posted in the names of Just Saying, Patito, Lilly, Peachfizzy and Poppy. Those pictures disappeared from all the public sections EXCEPT the comment section if they had a comment on them. I fought long and hard with Pixdaus admin to have the images removed, and finally it worked: Pixdaus had a bug in the system which they corrected, and now the totally banned pictures cannot be seen in the comment section, either. // A picture can now enter the banned section if just one person flags it inappropriate, but it does not disappear from the public sections! When the banned sections arrived, I tested this with one of my own pictures: I flagged it inappropriate and instantly it was in Todays’ Banned Images section but stayed otherwise where it was in all the public sections. A picture needs many more flags than just one before it disappears from the public sections.
2008-12-09 07:40:41
It's interesting to note that this photo and the one with the stretched lizard that were banned have high votes. I guess someone didn't like that.
2008-12-09 07:28:31
FWIW, I absolutely love this photo!