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Posted By:eibar

Old Comments:

2008-09-12 11:54:33
let that fat parasite just starve!!
2008-09-11 15:44:30
Forgot to say: Great picture, Eibar!
2008-09-11 14:59:44
The large “baby” is a Common (European) Cuckoo (Cuculus canorus) and the “parent” feeding it is a Meadow Pipit or Titlark (Anthus pratensis). The cuckoo is a brood parasite, which lays its eggs in the nests particularly of Dunnocks, Meadow Pipits, and Reed Warblers. The cuckoo chick will roll the other eggs out of the nest by pushing the egg with its back over the edge of the nest. If the host parents’ eggs hatch before the cuckoo's egg, the cuckoo chick will push the other chicks out of the nest.
2008-09-11 06:15:54
She looks like a parigon falcon but the baby does not!!!