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Posted By:farhad

Old Comments:

2008-10-29 15:39:01
Great Poppy! I loved it. :)
2008-09-12 07:16:18
guess, it's a fake
2008-09-10 05:32:00
epic fail at being pointlessly snide...
2008-09-10 03:20:21
har har to you, too!
2008-09-10 02:58:15
epic fail at humor...
2008-09-10 02:57:26
epic fail at humor...
2008-09-10 00:43:38
...well, now, how did Bearnaise end up in Calgary? There’s a gap in the story. First, we have to go back to LA Airport where the security guys nabbed him 'cause they needed a strong bear to sort out a problem for them. They took Bearnaise to an animal transit depot where they had an unruly polar bear that none could deal with. The polar bear, Mukluk by name, had been captured in Nunavut and was destined for the San Diego Zoo. Mukluk, however, had other ideas. Having been forcefully separated from his wife and twin sons, he was in no mood for cooperating with his captors. Bearnaise, although he spoke a different dialect of Beaspeak, was able to persuade Mukluk to calm down a little and then sat down with him nose to nose to see if he could bring peace to the situation. Mukluk’s story moved Bearnaise’s heart to its very core and, instead of helping the security guys, he helped Mukluk to escape (but that’s another story). After an eventful journey and many adventures, they ended up in Galgary, where they had a good ol' knees-up-mother-brown in one of the local bars, got thrown out... and Mukluk headed off to Nunavut and Bearnaise slept his hangover off on the riverbank till a white-haired, elderly gentleman backpacker woke him up...
2008-09-10 00:15:28
but imagine you're the bouncer who has to 86 the bear. rough night at work!
2008-09-09 23:42:29
...or typical...
2008-09-09 23:42:06
Well, I don't know about that, NN..most of the bears with whom I'm personally acquainted are pretty to get drunk and raise hell..Nearly all of 'em have been thrown out of a bar at least I'd have to say it's typcial..
2008-09-09 23:25:23
Great caption, patito.
2008-09-09 23:17:56
NOT typical bear behavior
2008-09-09 22:22:02
"That's quite a story," the old man said."And the last thing you remember is getting thrown out of a bar in Calgary?" "Yeah," Bearnaise muttered.