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Posted By:artemis

Old Comments:

2009-05-05 19:01:08
Our great cheating bitch gives herself 40 VOTES (!) for this out of focus waterfallNOTHING! It doesn't matter what Artemis is uploading, it doesn't matter if a normal user vote for/against it, Artemis will give her pictures the "right" votes anyway... TAKE ARTEMIS OFF THE TOP LIST! Than she has no reason to continue her selfvoting!!
2009-02-13 07:37:29
Les Halles - don't know that area, but I think it's in the 1st arrondisement. No, no, we have to celebre in Montmartre or Montparnasse. Even better, open the bubblies at the foot of the Obelisk at Place de la Concorde, and toast the Egyptian government for giving France such a beautiful monument, and the final toast for me solving problems at Pixdaus ;-) Ahhhh the days of the great artists in Monmartre! The days of Simone de Beauvoir (priestess of exitentialism and modern feminism) and Jean-Paul Sartre sitting with their friends at a cafe in Montparnasse. Sigh...long long gone. Now, just tawdry tourists wandering those ghostly, narrow cobble streets trying to capture those times, but failing miserably. Yup, definitely time to go back to Paris. After all, it has been six months since I've been there. Actually, I will most probably go again this summer, but I haven't booked yet. Paris gets under my skin.
2009-02-13 07:04:20
WOW! That was quick! Problem solved! All that remains is for us to open a good bottle of Champagne and celebrate... how does Le Pied de Cochon in the Les Halles area of Paris sound to you? You have the lingo and I have the... let me think... er...ah...ok, I'll pay for the bubbles, how's that?
2009-02-13 06:33:52
The last 15 years of my career involved being between management on one side and the union on the other side, which included putting out little brush fires as they occur before they get out of control. Looks like I have to get out of retirement to get between artemis and poppy. But first, I must put on one of my power business suits on and dust off my problem-solving, negotiating & conflict resolution skills. Now, I'm ready to deal with that little brush fire. Artemis STOP cheating. Poppy you should at least have given her some credit for the lush (albeit sparse)moss clingy to the rocks. There, now I can get back in my jeans and relax.
2009-02-13 04:22:20
For what, you ask? Look at the measly little flow of water over the puce-coloured rocks, the tenacious little plants clinging to the stone surface for dear life, the splendid out-of-focus, artsy-fartsy overall effect, and the little logo on the bottom right corner. Is poppy being catty? You betcha. (sorry, folks)
2009-02-12 05:26:09
30 votes??? For what???