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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2008-08-26 12:55:56
Good to know.
2008-08-19 20:17:16
LOL! Now I know I'm back on familiar ground...
2008-08-19 19:31:15
Okay, Dyra..guess we'll let you in on it..this is the famous Smokey Joe's Rib House, a few miles east of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It's located on a high ridge looking out over Snuffy Creek Holler, and used to be a favorite hangout for moonshiners, boot-leggers and whiskey runners back during prohibition. The original Smokey Joe Johnson died back in the 1970's, and since then the place has been run by his son, Smokey Joe Johnson, Junior. Smokey Joe Junior is a nice enough feller most of the time, but he weighs in at around three hundred pounds and does have a temper, and he's been known to pick up unruly customers and threaten to throw 'em off the side of the mountain. So if you go there, behave yourself and mind your manners. And if you're a yankee you probably ought not go there at all. Folks back in them hills have long memories.
2008-08-19 12:13:15
That is true, and mildly clever, but I was wondering more specifically. Is it someone's house? A hotel? Restaurant? Which one? Which country? etc.
2008-08-13 02:16:51
Look like it's way up high on the mountain, right next to the canyon.
2008-08-13 00:20:21
if he provided you with a location he would have to kill you, apparently.
2008-08-12 16:31:08
where is this?