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Old Comments:

2008-07-31 02:37:09
Bigfoot, too..hmm..have to digest that. I love Scotland, lived there for a while. It kept my head down on the ball when golfing 'cause the clouds were always so low!
2008-07-31 02:30:32
Lommie, Nessie and Bigfoot all actually inhabit the same place. They live way doen deep in the rich, dark, loamy and fertile recesses of the human imagination. I'd bet the folks around Loch Lommond would dearly love to have their own mysterious critter, though, considering what Nessie has done for the economy around Loch Ness.
2008-07-30 23:11:02
Is that the husband of Nessie? How do they meet? Are their lakes connected? C'mon...YOU know the story, I'm sure.
2008-07-30 22:07:22
They're looking for the Lommie, the famous Loch Lomond Monster.