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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-07-26 20:45:48
2008-07-24 21:48:42
You have missed the bloody point! I don't care when he is on the computer, what I am saying is that he must have seen my picture and still he posted the same; it is not a nice thing to do to a fellow poster! That's all. I am not paranoid, I want HIM to explain it, so you butt out, please. I have seen some of your comments, Self-Appointed Arbiter, and they are not worth the fingerprints on your computer keys. If I want your services, I'll be sure to ask.
2008-07-24 21:37:19
Maybe that just happens to be when he is on the computer. Maybe you're just Paranoid.
2008-07-24 17:58:00
Jchip8: Up till now, I have had great respect for you here on Pixdaus. You produce good-quality pictures, and your repost record is very low compared with some other posters I could mention. I know you are ambitious about your pictures doing well because you are always there with your new pictures as the 'new day' starts so that they could gather maximum points in the 24 hours, therefore it also follows that you do check the Most Popular Today list to see how they are doing. Which, in turn, means that you saw this picture as already posted by me on that day. As I already said, I don't care about the votes or the repost as such, I am merely disappointed about your method of trying 'to get ahead' which smacks of bad sportsmanship.
2008-07-24 06:20:19
Jchip8: I would like you to answer me, please. Up another ten points, I see. You did well.
2008-07-23 18:50:03
Jchip8: It is very difficult for me to believe that you never look at the Most Popular Today list. On it yesterday – as I suspect you very well know – number one and two pictures were mine (this being one of them) and you were in third place chasing me. So what do you do? You post ‘my’ number two picture when there are still a few voting hours left. A good strategy on your part… it drew votes away from my picture, which on the Newly Added list was already quite a few pages back. Now ‘your’ picture has thus far gained 23 votes, some of which could have been for my picture. Please understand that that I AM NOT BITCHING ABOUT THE VOTES or the repost as such but I am, however, saying that what you did is very BAD SPORTSMANSHIP. On the off-chance that you never look at the day’s pictures on the Newly Added or the Most Popular Today lists and the posting was an honest mistake, I apologize for my ‘suspicions’ in advance. For the first time, I was a tad annoyed about the ‘posting practices’ on this site, and I had to let out the steam. Have a good day, y’all!