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Posted By:observer

Old Comments:

2008-07-22 06:56:19
It is an ancient tradition... The vultures free the soul of the deceased. Read about it in a mag when I was a kid... The bodies are cut in a special way beforehand to make the job easier for the birds. Can't remember where it is... Nepal / Tibet / China...
2008-07-22 05:57:08
and the human rights? ;D
2008-07-22 05:45:06
I like this , it's so much better then filling your veins with embalming fluid and then putting your body in a box that will take forever to breakdown , this returns you to the source.
2008-07-22 05:09:52
I can't understand why the guy being eaten by vultures is smiling! ;D
2008-07-22 00:08:44
Nice skull. Until now I had never considered that vultures might have served some useful purpose. Even in saying that I realize that it is a sad state of affairs in some places.