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Posted By:DMAN

Old Comments:

2010-04-14 09:59:10
Thank you, Anita. I have not heard of this before,but I still find them rather uninteresting. Why make reality look like models? I think there are many more interesting challenges in photography, still everyone to their choice.
2010-04-14 00:36:47
Some people find these interesting because they resemble the way models look when photographed...they are frequently mistaken for models..the tecnhique is called tilt-shift..
2010-04-13 15:28:47
It cannot be explained - it's one of Pixdaus' mysteries ;-)
2010-04-13 14:11:56
I am puzzled. Why is this rather uninteresting photo getting such high marks? What is so special about it that causes people to go "wow" and "fascinating"? I think I must be missing something here. Please explain!
2010-04-13 12:36:29
Pretty easy actually. The photographer used an extremely low f-stop with a lens that can zoom to at least 200mm.
2008-07-23 09:38:51
2008-07-12 23:00:52
fascinating! how was this done?
2008-07-12 22:04:47
It is unimportant, as it is done, important, that it looks interestingly (I am sorry for my English.)
2008-07-12 21:45:10
It looks like a model train set to me
2008-07-12 21:03:01
I had a real "Lego moment" when I first saw this.
2008-07-12 21:02:41
Is it a photoshop-filter? Whats the name....