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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2008-07-11 02:13:32
Good man! Apology accepted.
2008-07-11 02:04:30
Done, my apologies.
2008-07-11 00:28:25
...sorry about that...the term merged last night among us 'girls' when we were joking around. No offense meant on that score. You take back your rude language and namecalling and I'll take back the bimbette. Deal?
2008-07-11 00:17:46
BTW poppy, jumping to call a woman a bimbette because she is a model for an international liquor company, Absolute Vodka, is a accurate reflection of you personal prejudgment mind-set.
2008-07-10 23:59:46
Fark you moron, you just cut/paste more than others.
2008-07-10 22:56:11
Thursday has thus far posted one picture, of a bimbette, and already he knows what a good picture should look like. You get my vote, dupl1cate.
2008-07-10 22:26:55
2008-07-10 22:22:48
Very poorly organized.