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Posted By:casaubon

Old Comments:

2008-07-09 19:15:42
Back to one of my pet peeves: duplicates and the pointless and useless yelling by some people when they happen. I posted this picture day before yesterday and it thus far has 30 votes. Casaubon posted this yesterday, and it is still gathering positive votes because it is NEW to those voters. We posters occasionally move around the same sites in search of photos, and I happened to catch this one as it had just come in, and Casaubon saw it a day later. A good picture is a good picture, hence the votes. People go in and out here in great numbers and not all of them visit daily or even weekly, so they do not identify reposts as frequently as those who scan the pictures every day. I voted positive for Casaubon’s lady, because I still like the picture! So, PLEASE, duplicate spotters, this picture – and the best picture of the day from a couple of days ago – proves that what is a repost to one is not necessarily so for another and thus your griping and bitching comments are only a waste of space on Pixdaus. I’ll get off my soapbox now…
2008-07-09 15:40:17
hiiiiiiiiiii this small gift 4 u