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Posted By:appu

Old Comments:

2010-01-18 21:36:11
Re: egal comment: See when was egal posted this confusing comment. This have nothing to this situation. We just over writing first ever pictures posted here but old comments stays.
2010-01-18 21:31:43
This already happened before. We have this situation 2009-10-26. For a 45 min we have blank page. And after a 45 min all pictures were back. Don't panic , everything will be alright. For more info see last few comments under:
2010-01-18 21:29:47
Thanks Peasant, I saw your reply after I posted my comment/question. Egal, What do you mean? `How big is the original file for this pic? it is; 2.00 MB & 3648 x 27360
2010-01-18 21:22:32
What happened to my account? ALL of the pics I submitted & didn't get voted down & out of sight are Gone? My rating & number of times I voted still show... but the number of pics I submitted is empty except for this new pic. I hat 15-16 `Popular pics too. I realize I'm no pro photographer, nor do I copy & paste others pics here... my pics were all original. `What Happened?
2010-01-18 21:15:28
Take it easy justagay. Your pictures can't be seen for now because Pixdaus have a adjustment on this page. Soon enough all pictures will be back.
2008-02-05 16:16:23
Ey, noname! Question. How big's the harddisk on this one?