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Old Comments:

2008-07-04 02:58:35
right on poppy. i was thinking the same about forgetting this place--too many sad people.
2008-07-03 19:22:36
I know that’s the ’real’ fyi because the stalker would not know Magritte from a carbuncle on his rear end. I'm getting so disgusted by some of the creeps here that I'm thinking of retiring. When did you last see a LOL in the comments? It's just getting either too rubbishy or downright nasty, THE GOOD COMMENTS ARE SO FEW AND FAR BETWEEN THAT THEY GET SWAMPED. Nobody is funny any more. LIGHTEN UP, PEOPLE! OK, gripe over. ;-)
2008-07-03 02:54:34
I like this picture!
2008-07-03 01:24:36
Magritte Moment