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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-07-05 13:13:33
Polish and Czech fighter pilots had made quite a decisive contribution, flying for RAF in the times of Blitz. The saddest part was that most of those that did survive the war went soon into gulags and uranium mines, on fabricated charges, after retuning home - the Commies did everything they could to ruin them. Their own stalinist countries despised having heros that fought for British - it did not fit into their neatly packaged story about the Red Army and Stalin defeating Hitler.
2008-07-03 00:55:20
Polish Orlik Aerobatic Team. This is probably a training just before Air Show Radom 2007. You can also see 4 helicopters Mi-24 standing on the ground and many other flying beasts.
2008-07-03 00:43:44
these are polish airplanes and polish as well as czech and others fought in the british raf during war... learn some history FyI_PiX!
2008-07-02 21:11:00
Chech pilots DID fight in 2nd World War as a part of british airforce. at least try to avoid comments which are far from true.
2008-07-02 17:43:57
Czech? Really? Are you sure, our aviation expert? Polish Air Force never fight at war? Think. Thanks.
2008-07-02 07:11:13
yaaay Czech Air Force! because we will never fight a war!
2008-07-02 07:11:03
or is it Croatian...they all look the same to me.
2008-07-02 07:10:44
yaaay Czech Air Force! because we will never fight a war!