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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-06-30 00:59:59
Joder,,menuda panda,,,hay que diferenciar una pagina de fotos de una de tias buenas,,para lo segundo hay sitios mucho mejores que este,,asi que no voteis con la testosterona, la foto es una mierda. (aunque la tia este bien buena)
2008-06-29 23:32:50
Somebody asked her her name... she knows it... she's heard it... oh, shoot! She's not just some brainless bimbo, you know. She's a brainless bimbo with a name...Asif wants to know it, for some reason, and now she can't quite get in into her mind. Is it Cougar? Maybe that's it. Cougar!
2008-06-29 22:30:57
She's upset as she can't sit up straight with all that weight on her chest...
2008-06-29 11:39:47
yeah we need to know her name it's important
2008-06-29 11:27:31
what is the name of this girl