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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2008-06-28 14:12:53
aren't you afraid, that those sharp claws will open your throat when you will be asleep? Cat is the only creature I know, that like to torture and play with victim before they kill. have a nice dreams! Maybe someday you will understand that wishing death to another person is like wishing Jesus to die again. I you don't know who Jesus was, use google, because reading Bible is probably too hard for you - too many pages.
2008-06-28 13:53:04
you are sick person, wishing another person death.
2008-06-28 09:54:46
i hope kitties are alive and well and you're dead nygus! what?
2008-06-28 09:30:50
I hope they are dead
2008-06-28 06:56:49
oh, forgot to mention ademir, sweet cat pic!
2008-06-28 06:55:38
testing! looks like sad internet stalker (god, how sad can you get) is out of his little game. blow my ass now, yes you, here you go, blow now.