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Posted By:texmgm

Old Comments:

2008-07-02 01:55:09
That's awesome... She took this flower in her mouth at first, but then she just looked at it. Dogs are hilarious.
2008-06-30 13:33:11
We once had a very smart but very imitative dog. Got in the driver's seat whenever we went into the grocery store; would walk across any railing or fallen limb if I did; etc. We would take daily walks in the evenings, and would always stop to admire (and smell) the neighbor's gorgeous rose garden. One evening Sasha, having watched this ritual time and again, went up to the fence, buried her nose deep in a beautiful red rose, inhaled deeply, and then - politely, as if she figured it was the proper thing to do - bit the entire flower off the stem. We were all aghast. And laughing uncontrollably. Sasha of course looked quite confused, not only by all the sudden commotion but because she now had her mouth full of this thing whose edibility she was beginning to seriously doubt...