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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-08-24 17:14:32
i don't know why surprise butseks with black bear is so funny it makes my stomach hurt, but that is reality. i go back to laughing my ass off.
2008-08-24 14:18:45
Local autorities made the man to give away the bear, he (the bear) was considered part of the family and now he man is looking for a job in the zoo so they can be together.
2008-06-27 21:36:23
He looks like he doesn't like us peeking at his girlfriend.
2008-06-27 04:34:07
surprise butseks!
2008-06-27 04:29:40
Looks to me like that bear is riding more then the bike.
2008-06-27 04:24:41
There's something you don;t see everyday.