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Posted By:Luckyred

Old Comments:

2008-06-27 09:21:46
that's partly why i love the EA-6 Greg, it's almost a relic of the 60s but it's continuing today strong doing what it always did. also i love it cuz you got 4 guys in there sharing the experience. and those EA-6s can suddenly convert to bombers too!
2008-06-27 02:56:55
you little faggots want to downvote my comment i honestly don't care, just makes you look sad, but just maybe i'd have liked the poster to see it.
2008-06-27 02:35:05
This is a pretty old plane (original airframe design goes back to the 1960's!), but is still used today for electronic warfare. I used to see them all the time on the US Navy base I worked at. For an OK movie featuring this plane, see "Flight of the Intruder" with Danny Glover & Willem Dafoe.
2008-06-27 00:01:05
great symmetry. EA-6 is one of my favorite planes.