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Old Comments:

2008-06-28 03:16:36
Canada National(CN) Tower. Toronto, Ontario Canada.
2008-06-28 02:51:57
Where is it???
2008-06-26 03:51:01
been there last year :) enjoyed glass floor as well, but it was very difficult for me to to convince myself it's safe :P
2008-06-26 00:11:51
Having been there in Feb. 200, I found the view to be incredible (we ate in the rotating restaurant). However, for an acrophobiac like me, I found the glass (acrylic, actually) to be way too freaky. For those who don't know, there's a large acrylic "window" you can walk on on the bottom floor of the tower. You can step out over 350 Meters (1,100 feet) from the bottom. I could only get myself to get within a few feet of it and try to look down.
2008-06-25 17:45:45
I've been there on the top platform on September 2005 ;-) The glass floor is cool!