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Old Comments:

2008-06-27 05:54:44
Yah, but you'll never make me believe!
2008-06-24 19:37:35
"I find your lack of faith disturbing. We have ways to make you pray."
2008-06-24 04:31:41
funny funny funny...
2008-06-24 03:37:22
it is now Rik ol buddy. it is now.
2008-06-24 01:05:59
Isn't this Iceland?
2008-06-23 23:54:59
Old fad on Pixdaus, click old link, copy images, repost them
2008-06-23 23:26:25
no it's the goddamn easter bunny popolov.
2008-06-23 22:30:44
What, who is the joker at the end, is it Dark Vader?