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Posted By:artemis

Old Comments:

2008-11-19 20:37:45
Makes me feel claustrophobic, no matter how 'upscale' the houses might be inside.
2008-11-19 19:16:28
and this was the reason of the economical worldcrisis
2008-06-24 00:45:17
Exactly what I was thinking Spocker
2008-06-23 20:53:32
"Little boxes on the hillside, Little boxes made of ticky-tacky, Little boxes, little boxes, Little boxes, all the same. There's a green one and a pink one And a blue one and a yellow one And they're all made out of ticky-tacky And they all look just the same."
2008-06-23 11:38:04
monopoly and mmc references abound