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Posted By:Enighel

Old Comments:

2008-08-03 15:15:28
If the geology is anything like Arches National Park, the big hole may be caused by water, but not by fluvial erosion. If there was a band of mineral salts in the rock that could attract liquid into the rock face, the water can cause the rocks to expand and contract which erodes the lower rock leaving behind spans of stronger stone.
2008-08-03 11:39:49
It's Utah, Byrce Canyon National Park, I think.
2008-08-03 11:17:44
Is that New Mexico?
2008-06-24 03:00:19
i don't think it was fluvial erosion, i think it was/is wind erosion.
2008-06-22 20:22:59
That must have been one farking fast river.