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Posted By:gurb

Old Comments:

2008-10-30 09:42:52
Hey, you idiot, I'm convinced that ''your'' images are ALL STOLEN. You are simply an idiot... Owner of this image is Anthony Ayiomamitis, and he is a GREAT astrophotographer - I know him well -. You must go to a doctor, to make a diagnosis of your syndrome which I call "Image stealing MANIA". He didn't give you the rights to upload his image on your site. I wish the best; A virus on your site.
2008-07-03 12:10:11
2008-07-02 21:24:12
Aren't all the photos on this website stolen from somewhere?
2008-07-02 17:14:29
The picture is STOLEN form Mr. Antony Agiomamitis.