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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2008-07-10 05:57:08
Just my 2 pence, but I don't think this was assault. Firstly, people aren't freaked out enough. I mean, the guy's still holding the hammer, and people right next to him seem concerned, but not very. Second, there's no visible blood. To me, this looks like too nice a shot not to be staged. Still, I love that you don't really know, and that you could guess a million different ways.
2008-07-05 01:43:16
or is it a case of epilepsy? isnt it curable?
2008-07-05 01:19:55
Joel Meyerowitz
2008-07-05 01:18:37
Fedrus! What is really the point of posting a picture like this 'without' any description whatsoever? I would assume it was from a newspaper article concerning an assault with a deadly weapon - the workman with a hammer in his right hand?
2008-07-05 01:14:25
fyi=owned by childish language
2008-06-24 04:23:45