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Posted By:Luckyred

Old Comments:

2008-08-12 16:15:09
She needs to learn the Johnny Gunn way!
2008-06-22 01:55:10
Your righteous indignation seems out of place as, "Hating my comments is one thing," are indeed your words not mine. In my view there is no feud, I'm just trying to keep you honest. Drinks would depend on who's buying.
2008-06-22 00:35:34
Thank you, Skip and Patito! I already offered the peace pipe to Woot2 above before I saw your comments down here, so I was ‘winding down’ already. I love a good brawl, don’t you? I think I will now pop a poem a two...
2008-06-22 00:20:29
You introduced the word HATE in your previous comment by asking “Why do you suppose/suggest that men hate you?” and I used the same question with your words, not mine. I never supposed or suggested or claimed that men hate me, so don’t put words in my mouth that don’t belong there. We’ll be here till Christmas if you believe that it is OK to be called a bitch for writing a comment. Thank you for having the grace to say that your generalization was incorrect. I have nothing against you, Woot2, our views clash, that's all. Shall we beg to differ and end the feud, shake hands and go out for a drink? I assure you that my middle name is not bristlecone.
2008-06-22 00:04:05
Poppy, I would have jumped in before but I thought you were handling it very well and sometimes I just don't know what to say,It is so hard to get your point across on here without offending anyone. that's why I brought up that song garden party. If we were all in a room together somewhere maybe we could talk things out and start to see each others point of view, but the internet dosen't work that way. remember when I told everyone what I liked about them on the other controversy page? It was because I was gonna quit, but dammit I like posting pics!! and I would miss talkin with nice people like you,: ) and many other men and women here. I know how you feel, but how can we really express ourselves in these little clips?? where we can't really talk back and forth. Be yourself poppy your fine just the way you are!!
2008-06-21 23:25:05
For clarification: It appears to be you that claims that men hate and attack you. I am asking why you think that might be? The use of the word everyone was a casual and incorrect generalization on my part drawn from your increasingly shrill posts of being attacked and hated by men specifically.
2008-06-21 22:29:30
Okay, Folks...if this site was a bar ya'll would already be tradin' punches, rollin' on the floor, rippin' shirts , gougin' eyeballs, bustin' up the furniture and knockin' over beer bottles...and little Elmo would be runnin' up the street to fetch the Sherrif...I'd like to humbly suggest that all parties withdraw to a neutral's time to call time out, clear the field, haul off the bodies, put out the fires and get the wrecks off the track, etc etc... I admit I kinda enjoy these brawls, but this one has gone on long enough, don't you think? Everybody's had their say, and nobody's gonna change anybody's mind about anything...let it go....Peace
2008-06-21 22:24:38
Poppy I have decided to jump in on this page just to tell you that I like you, and I'm positive lots of other people here men included like you too, This place would be pretty dull without you!! I was thinkin of that song called "garden party" that says... It's allright now, I learned my lesson well, you see you cant please everyone, so you got to please yourself.
2008-06-21 22:05:41
You have the right to disagree with anything I say, Woot2, that goes with the territory here. What I still find odd in your arguments is that you think it is OK for five men (?) to insult me as poppy the person instead of merely disagreeing with my comments. This all started with an innocuous comment I made on the picture, a comment that should not have elicited venom from anyone. Why do I suppose men hate me? I don’t know; you are a man (?), you tell me. EVERYONE hates me? Are you speaking for EVERYONE now? You have carried out a secret ballot and I was blackballed by EVERYONE? You leave a hate-trail that is a mile wide, and I am sorry you have to walk in such a dark place.
2008-06-21 21:14:14
Alright, let's look at your argument from another angle. While I disagree with you protestation and argument, let's assume that everyone is indeed picking on you. Why do you think that everyone is picking on you? Why do you suppose/suggest that men hate you? What is it about you, Poppy, that makes everyone hate you?
2008-06-21 05:36:38
For once, I agree with you!
2008-06-21 04:44:49
interesting!? By the time summer arrives this post is going to have more comments that the frozen Niagara Falls post. So what of it?
2008-06-21 02:15:56
Oh boy, indeed. I find it interesting that you are using the name of YellowPride just to comment my comments.
2008-06-20 22:25:16
oh boy!
2008-06-20 21:35:11
Ah, but your comment was NOT "I like it!" or "I don't like it!" Your multiple comments were about the absurdity of the picture because of the model's attire, pose and location accompanied with condescending and insulting tones to other posters. You then went on to state categorically what was appropriate in both pictures and comments and what was not. This is what has elicited the comments that YOU have received. The comments are not at or about women's comments they are direct responses to you for what YOU said. Contrary to your cries of victimization, you have taken a hard nosed approach and others have called you on the matter. You're not a victim of any conspiracy, the other commentators simply disagree your opinion and resent your attempts to impose your standards upon them. Which, by the way, is a repeated theme with your comments. Next time a "girlie" picture comes up try saying "I like it!" or I don't like it!" or even "I'd hit it!". The response will certainly be typical and indicate an absence of conspiracy. No one will take issue with your opinion beyond agreement of disagreement. But, when you try to impose your standards on others or start throwing insults like you did at "YellowPride" and "WTF?" you can expect some heat.
2008-06-20 18:22:54
" call ME a bitch", I should say.
2008-06-20 18:20:49
...indeed you didn't. It is perfectly acceptable to disagree with my point of view but it is NOT acceptable to tell me to shut up (YellowPride) or to call be a bitch (Rhym) for having that point of view. You are welcome to disagee with me any time, js from la! ;-)
2008-06-20 13:49:06
i didnt say anything bad
2008-06-20 11:27:17
SUMMARY: 1 Poppy (a woman) versus Jim, Js from la, AlterEgo, YellowPride, WTF?, Rhym and Woot2. That's seven to one! Mor did not like AlterEgo's comment, Brian sat on a fence. Just Sayin was very funny and Patito wrote a brilliant limerick: THANK YOU BOTH!. I am not getting a positive picture of the male population on Pixdaus. I'm not hurt by it, just discouraged and disappointed.
2008-06-20 08:01:48
LOL! No matter what, I've got 4 LOLs out of this page, thus far, so I'm already ahead. ;-)
2008-06-20 06:21:25
Their opinion of your comment carries the same weight as your opinion of appropriateness. So it seems only fair to ask; who are you to determine what/where is appropriate?
2008-06-19 10:39:56
The power of the poppy is narcotic to the asses...
2008-06-19 07:50:37
Interesting. AlterEgo, YellowPride and Rhym took a new name for the sake of this page. They wrote their ‘virgin’ comments just to do some poppy-bashing. What a class act. I am flattered.
2008-06-19 07:43:15
LOL! It takes one to know one!
2008-06-19 00:54:41
because you are a bitch pretending to be a flower... or poem!?
2008-06-18 23:57:50
I think it's a just OK image. Personally, I don't like her shape.
2008-06-18 22:28:37
LOL! Yes, the poo bucket adds the extra bit of class to the picture. -Patito, why do you think people are so allergic to anything I have to say outside the box of "Being the Nice Lady Who Writes Poems?" I AM HAVING FUN!
2008-06-18 22:20:59
You could have the nice contrasting colours in more appropriate places. Who are you to determine whose comment is inconsequential and whose is not? Vote me down if you don't like what I say. P.S. I am not voting you down, by the way. I only vote down smut, bigotry, excessively foul language, racism and prejudice.
2008-06-18 22:09:05
Here's a poem for you, YellowBel.. sorry, YellowPride: "You fill a much-needed gap."
2008-06-18 21:39:20
It's called striking contrast. Notice the colors? It is a beautiful picture of a beautiful woman. The location is as inconsequential as your comments.
2008-06-18 20:52:38
A Mexican gal named LuLu, always scratched her knee with her shoe. When someone asked why, is that bucket nearby, she said in case I have to poo poo.
2008-06-18 20:10:46
sometimes is better to shut up and take the exit quietly or instead, what about a poem?
2008-06-18 16:40:26
LOL! My rates are very high but not in the profession to which you are alluding.
2008-06-18 16:32:50
Knowing the geographical location of the street where the girl has been photographed does not make the picture any less ridiculous or absurd in terms of composition. The girlie pictures of late have been so…contrived, false, artificial. Place this girl on the beach (sans the heels) and the picture would look natural. If she really is in Cancun as js from la says, then why is she not on the beach instead of standing on a slummy-looking street? Now you’ll probably say that this is a fashion photograph and – as is well known to everybody (even Poopy) – fashion photographers take their models to the unlikeliest of places to pose in bikinis, such as snowdrifts in Alaska or a coalmine in Siberia. But if that is the case, what is a fashion photograph doing here? Most of the scantily (or less) dressed ladies of Pixdaus have been photographed in places appropriate to the state of undress. Shall I continue or are you getting my drift? Since my original comment was so out of character for Poem-Popping Poppy, I presumed that it would be understood as sarcasm. Obviously, my presumption was ill-placed.
2008-06-18 15:45:21
this is cancun, hardly a slum
2008-06-18 10:57:20
Well, hang around places where they can afford you then.
2008-06-18 00:06:17
even more...
2008-06-17 22:59:28
poopy comment.
2008-06-17 19:04:09
Yeah, I always hang around in slummy areas, wearing my bikini and ten-inch heels. What of it?