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Posted By:aglaia

Old Comments:

2008-12-06 00:40:10
what, now the Taliban is not satisfied just putting their women in pits, they have to put horses in there too?
2008-12-05 20:20:45
The sewer horse is watching you...
2008-07-09 10:20:10
Maybe they feel that if they ignore the horse it will go away.
2008-06-17 00:10:22
this photo is so wonderfully bizarre.
2008-06-16 21:28:35
The horse says: We haven't cleared the fence yet. Keep digging!
2008-06-16 18:09:45
I wish I had an underground horse.
2008-06-16 13:32:38
On the New York sewer system you can find cocodriles, on Sevilla you will find horses.
2008-06-16 00:26:26
How did that horse get there???
2008-06-16 00:26:10
And why is nobody looking at it???
2008-06-16 00:25:33
How did that horse get there???